Deepen the Most Important Relationship of Your Life


Do you know what’s the most important relationship of your life?

Yes, it’s your relationship with yourself!

From yourself stems the ability to connect and relate to your loved ones, your family members, your friends, and the world.

We are our own integral piece in starting to live more deeply and meaningfully, in whichever aspects of our lives.


If you could be more connected to yourself, how would you behave?

If you were more in love with yourself, how would your world change?

And if you could truly accept yourself, who could you not love?

Join this special preview led by Professional Certified Coach Kenneth Oh, and:

- Examine your current state of relating to yourself

- Uncover what’s really holding you back and what happens if it remains unresolved

- Create ways to improve that relationship, and courageously move forward in leading a more powerful life

Seats are limited. Register today and deepen your connection with the most important person in your life now.

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Wed Aug 10, 2016
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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30 Orange Grove Rd, RELC, #07-01A
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30 Orange Grove Rd, RELC, #07-01A Singapore
The Courage to Create